Border Changelog

Version 1.9.3

Mar 03, 2021


This minor update will smooth some things under the hood, so your theme will be compatible with the next WordPress release (5.7).

Enjoy it and keep being awesome 💪

Version 1.9.2

May 01, 2020


This is a small update that smoothes the Pixelgrade Care experience, updated some WooCommerce template to be compatible with the latest version (v4.0.1), and some performance improvements.

Stay safe,


Version 1.9.1

Jan 17, 2020


This update comes with a quick fix for the Webfont loader edge-case. The problem used to occur only under some specific circumstances, so if you don't know what it is about, don't worry. However, everything's perfect now. 💪

Cheers! 🍻

Version 1.9.0

Oct 23, 2019


We know that you like good news, so here comes one. We worked for an update to our Border theme, so you can enjoy it even more now. It comes with bug fixes and improvements, fully like RTL support, removed the black border from the bottom on a Slider Gallery, fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress (5.2.4) and latest version of WooCommerce (3.7).

By the way, what kind of vest should you wear in the fall?

A har-vest!  😁



Sep 04, 2019

This is a very minor update. Keep at it!

Version 1.8.4

Oct 04, 2018

This is a small update, just making sure that everything works fine. We updated WooCommerce 3.4.5 templates and prevented AddThis script when no buttons are used. 

Version 1.8.3

Dec 18, 2017


  • We worked intensely to bring a new and powerful way to import demo data using Starter Content. This is why Demo Data option from Customizer has been removed. 
  • Now you can change font size and color for menu items from Customizer.


  • We ensured compatibility with WordPress 4.9
  • Also is ensured compatibility with WooCommerce 3.2.x and updated the templates.
  • Image caption can now be used both for galleries and image popup.

Version 1.8.2

Aug 22, 2017


  • Small improvements to the auto-update process.


  • Updated WooCommerce templates for the 3.1.2 version.
  • Fixed PixCodes activation via Pixelgrade Care.

Version 1.8.1

Apr 26, 2017

Added the 💎 Pixelgrade Care system to ease the installation and support processes. Enjoy!

Version 1.8.0

Apr 11, 2017
  • Improved compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.1
    Note: This version of the theme is not offering backward compatibility and update to WooCommerce 3.0 is mandatory.

Version 1.7.9

Apr 07, 2017
  • Improved security
  • Added WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility
  • Better accent color match
  • Fixed empty black box when using the "custom home page" with "galleries category" 

Version 1.7.8

Dec 16, 2016
  • Ensured compatibility with WordPress 4.7
  • Fixed alt attribute for slideshow gallery images
  • Fixed pagination on blog archive
  • Enhanced Related Project alignment on mobile devices

Version 1.7.7

Oct 07, 2016
  • Full WordPress 4.6.1 compatibility;
  • WooCommerce 2.6.4 compatibility;
  • Improved products categories display on the shop archive;
  • Fixed the color for the social icons under the main menu;
  • Fixed the alignment of the footer items on the mobile devices;
  • Fixed the image problem from the blog posts;

Version 1.7.6

Aug 08, 2016
  • Fixed: images in popups getting displaced when rotating the device(on small devices);
  • Fixed: caption text not being displayed when there is no description available(on popups and sliders).

Version 1.7.5

Jun 22, 2016
  • Assured compatibility with the latest version of WooCommerce 
  • Fixed Gallery Cover animation when there is only one slide
  • Fixed: post content on classic post type not displaying
  • Fixed Proof Gallery text content issue
  • Fixed external links issue in menu
  • Fixed Firefox hyphens issue
  • Fixed: RoyalSlider controls display issue
  • Fixed: RoyalSlider video issue with HTTPS sites
  • Fixed: Number of Galleries theme option interfering with number of galleries displayed in the Galleries tab in backend

Version 1.7.0

Jan 25, 2016

We’ve been busy working on this update and we have a whole host of improvements and fixes for you.


  • We have rewritten large parts of the theme so you can enjoy a faster, more streamlined theme
  • Live Customizations – the Theme Options are now in the Customizer thanks to our free Customify plugin
  • Full WordPress 4.4.x compatibility
  • WooCommerce 2.5.x compatibility
  • Improved Mobile behaviour and styling
  • Updated scripts to the latest versions (eg. Royal Slider, Magnific Popup)
  • Improved Gallery Covers behaviour upon resize

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed font size options
  • Fixed cover fonts not loading
  • Fixed pagination and infinite scroll on portfolio category pages
  • Fixed page title for galleries/portfolio category pages
  • Fixed misalignment of gallery cover with empty title
  • Fixed single project navigation not appearing
  • Fixed issues with lightbox images and device reorientation
  • Fixed WooCommerce variable product issue
  • Fixed and improved admin bar edit links


From time to time, to move forward, we must break away from the past. If you need help, we will do our best to guide you and automatically migrate your data for you.

  • Removed Social Icons old option system in favour of a Social Menu ( automatic migration is taken care of for you on update )
  • Updated .po and .mo files as there are many changed strings
  • Updated demo data to reflect our current demo

Note: We strongly recommend you backup your database before this update! It’s good to be safe than sorry.

Version 1.6.7

Aug 25, 2015
  • Added WordPress 4.3 compatibility
  • Added Projects Next/Prev Navigation and Back to Archive Button
  • Updated Woocommerce template files for 2.4.1
  • Fixed Blog Posts Archive Manual Excerpt

Version 1.6.6

Aug 08, 2015
  • Updated TGM PHP class
  • Updated Woocommerce templates and fixed javascript erros on shop and products
  • Fixed some untranslatable strings and updated language files
  • Fixed Links inside tabs shortcode
  • Fixed Portfolio content images on mobile devices
  • Fixed a minor issue on mobiles when Right click protection is on

Version 1.6.5

Apr 27, 2015
  • Added WordPress 4.2 compatibility
  • Fixed Widespread XSS WordPress Security Vulnerability
  • Updated TGM PHP class
  • Updated Woocommerce template files for 2.3.8
  • Improved Child Theme structure and code
  • Fixed Right click protection on Firefox

Version 1.6.3

Mar 20, 2015
  • Added Woocommerce 2.3.x support
  • Added Support for Youtube HD Videos
  • Fixed Slider Delay Option
  • Fixed Small Style Issues

Version 1.6.2

Jan 19, 2015
  • Added Keyboard Arrows Navigating
  • Update WooCommerce Templates
  • Fixed Mobile Footer Style
  • Fixed Dividers Style Issue
  • Fixed Videos on Firefox and Safari
  • Fixed Right Click Protection
  • Fixed IOS Issues
  • Fixed Pixproof Template
  • Fixed InfiniteScroll errors

Version 1.6.1

Oct 03, 2014
  • Improved Page Scripts Loading System
  • Update WooCommerce Templates
  • Fixed Featured Image on FullWidth Page Template
  • Fixed Gallery Order

Version 1.6.0

Sep 10, 2014
  • Added WordPress 4.0 compatibility
  • Fixed shortcodes issues and updated the PixCodes plugin

Version 1.5.2

Aug 27, 2014
  • Fixed Custom Code fields from Theme Options
  • WooCommerce small fixed (digital download and login link)
  • Fixed Auto Play videos in Firefox

Version 1.5.1

Jul 30, 2014
  • Added Auto Height option for Portfolio Projects Slideshow
  • Fixed Gallery Cover Animations not playing on loading
  • Fixed Broken Theme Options due to permissions

Version 1.5.0

Jul 25, 2014
  • NEW and Improved Theme Options Panel
  • Added option to show archive titles
  • Added option to show gallery titles in archives
  • Removing Filtering from Category Pages
  • Fixed Menu on touch enabled laptops
  • Fixed PixProof selected images on popup
  • Fixed “Choose Your Homepage” block not hiding

Version 1.4.2

Jun 14, 2014
  • Improved Mobile behavior (ie. iOS double tap)
  • Improved WPML compatibility (replaced dynamic text domain with static one)
  • Added option to remove static files parameters (Theme Options > Social and SEO)
  • Removed related videos at the end of YouTube videos
  • Fixed WooCommerce compatibility issues
  • Fixed small issues with PixProof galleries images not selecting
  • Fixed small styling issues with YARPP
  • Small CSS and JS improvements

Version 1.4.1

May 26, 2014
  • Added WooCommerce Category archive support
  • Fixed blog on 1024px width styling issues
  • Fixed blank Theme Options bugs
  • Small CSS and JS improvements

Version 1.4.0

Apr 29, 2014
  • Added WordPress 3.9 compatiblity
  • Fixed YouTube videos showing related videos at the end
  • Fixed multiple autoplay videos in one slider bug
  • Added Lightbox support for project content images
  • Fixed scroll issues
  • Fixed WooCommerce variable products bug
  • Fixed footer styling issues
  • Fixed favicon bug
  • Minor CSS and JS improvements

Version 1.3.5

Apr 17, 2014
  • Updated the PixProof plugin to version 1.0.2 to allow you to manage the image names
  • Added progress loader animated image
  • Added fullscreen button to projects sliders
  • Added Lightbox support for project content images
  • Added right click protection to journal gallery thumbnails
  • Added right click protection for mobile devices (touch)
  • Fixed WPML Media and WooCommerce compatibility issues
  • Fixed IE8 issues
  • Minor CSS and JS improvements

Version 1.3.1

Apr 03, 2014
  • Added option to remove the current category from the hover state in galleries and portfolio category archives
  • Removed the filter links when selecting galleries or portfolio category as the front page
  • Fixed issue regarding the Custom Homepage page template (fields not appearing)
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.3.0

Mar 25, 2014
  • Added PixProof custom plugin for client proofed photo galleries
  • Added Dropdown option for archive filters
  • Added pre-translated language files for German, French, Spanish and Italian
  • Fixed Pagination styling issues
  • Fixed Search widget styling issues
  • Fixed Slider transition animation on projects bug
  • Fixed footer menu fonts issue
  • Fixed tabs shortcodes responsive styling issues
  • Fixed comments time
  • Fixed gallery caption bug

Version 1.2.1

Mar 19, 2014
  • Improved Push Menu Scrolling on mobile devices
  • Fixed Logo Text version and prevent from jumping on two rows
  • Fixed Border size overflow content
  • Fixed Duplicate Projects when filtering
  • Fixed Youtube Player size inside blog posts

Version 1.2.0

Mar 15, 2014
  • Added Right Click Copyright Overlay option
  • Added Autoplay Video option for galleries
  • Added HTML support for Gallery Cover Title and Subtitle
  • Improved the Date Format to be the same as the one set in WordPress
  • Improved Blog Featured Images display on mobile devices
  • Fixed Push Menu swiping on mobile devices
  • Fixed overlapping fullscreen button by logo container
  • Fixed image aspect ratio on blog
  • Fixed First Letter on Article Split layout

Version 1.1.1

Mar 07, 2014
  • Added Background Color Options for Border Area and Pages ( preview )
  • Added Border Size option
  • Fixed Retina Logo not loading
  • Fixed Popup Missing Background
  • Fixed black bar on Firefox and IE
  • Fixed AddThis issues
  • Now if you disable all 3 Share Buttons (Blog, Galleries, Portfolio) we will not load the AddThis script
  • Fixed black space under the slideshow videos
  • Fixed Custom CSS issues

Version 1.1.0

Mar 01, 2014
  • Added WooCommerce 2.1.x support
  • Added New Styles for Menu Trigger Icon
  • Added Image ‘Description’ field support for slideshows
  • Added Color Picker option for Cover Text
  • Added Footer Menu location
  • Improved the Images Lightbox on Mobile devices
  • Fixed preg_match() warning
  • Fixed single video slideshow
  • Fixed AddThis description meta issues
  • Fixed “>” character in Custom CSS field
  • Minor JS and CSS fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.1

Feb 23, 2014
  • Added transform to X for the menu button when open
  • Improved slider loading
  • Improved page transition (blog)
  • Fixed AddThis share url not changing on page change (AJAX)
  • Minor JS and CSS fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.0

Feb 21, 2014

We’ve done it again!

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