Fargo Changelog

Version 1.1.0

Sep 25, 2018

This update comes with many fixes so you will have greater experience using Fargo theme.

First of all, we ensured compatibility with WordPress 4.9.8.


  • Added an option in Customizer to enable or disable the zoom-in and panning effect for project images.
  • We have Starter Content now — a much easier way to import demo content — so we removed Demo Data option from Customizer.


  • Fixed a bug with the Menu not being visible after the last Jetpack update.
  • Fixed a bug with the Social Menu not being visible when opening the Main Menu
  • Fixed a bug with related posts not being clickable in Single Post
  • Fixed a bug with the first thumbnail in a project not being visible
  • Fixed a bug with menu link not opening correctly on mobile
  • Fixed a bug with the Thumbnail field on Projects not being cleared

Enjoy it! 🤗

Version 1.0.3

Nov 29, 2017

We fixed a bug with portfolio being stuck on loading in mobile viewport and ensured compatibility with WordPress 4.9 so you can have a much better experience using our theme. Enjoy!

Version 1.0.2

Oct 19, 2017


  • Improved project navigation clues with better cursors
  • Improved project images loading spinners

Version 1.0.1

Oct 18, 2017

Added Pixelgrade Care integration.

Version 1.0.0

Oct 11, 2017

This is where it all began! 

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