Noah Changelog

Version 1.3.0

Oct 31, 2019


We know you’re doing a great job with your pictures and photography, so we want to keep it up, too. This is why we come with this update, which contains many bug fixes and improvements.


  • Added Gallery Placeholder when creating a new project, so the experience when adding a gallery is nicer. 
  • JetPack Sharing option for Projects is activated now by default, so there’s nothing to worry about anymore. 
  • Improved the way that the site menu is accessible in mobile view.
  • Now you can decide how many projects to be displayed on the Portfolio, by going in your WordPress Dashboard at Settings → Writing → Portfolio Projects and choosing the desired number. 


  • A specific font-family (Arca Majora) was missing when using Starter Content, it’s not the case anymore. 
  • Self-hosted video uploaded in the Hero area is now playing smoothly. 
  • Fixed Custom CSS Output for Projects.

It’s also good to know that Noah runs perfectly with the latest WordPress, version 5.3.

Smile! 📸 

Version 1.2.1

Jul 19, 2018
  • Fixed bug that was forcing hard refresh and preventing live preview in the Customizer

Version 1.2.0

Jul 09, 2018

Say hello to Color Palettes! 🎨 

Now it’s super easy to personalize your site through our Customify plugin  (see how it works)

Version 1.1.12

Dec 08, 2017


  • Added support for Portfolio Shortcode from Jetpack. 
  • Added Starter Content —  a nice and easier way to import demo data.
  • Ensured compatibility with WordPress 4.9.


  • The performance on Safari browser has been considerably improved. 


  • The bug with video from Hero Area not working on mobile have been fixed.
  • Fixed Slideshow image distortion when using Photon from Jetpack
  • Some visual issues from different browsers have been fixed as well.

Version 1.1.11

Aug 11, 2017


Fixed stretched project thumbnail images on Edge

Version 1.1.10

Aug 08, 2017


  • Fixed Internet Explorer 11 squishy hero images;
  • Fixed elements overlapping on project loading;
  • Fixed blank gap between the project content and projects;
  • Fixed Masonry gallery animation;
  • Removed Parallax effect on images from Safari due to poor performance. 

Version 1.1.9

May 23, 2017

Hot fixes

  • Fix masonry galleries that were overlapping the projects archive
  • Fix hero image parallax initialisation to prevent sudden scale on load
  • Tackled rare cases with hosting conflicts and slow loading pages.

Version 1.1.8

Apr 28, 2017

Hot fixes:

  • Fixed multiple requests via Customify. Major improves regarding the dashboard's loading speed
  • Fixed fatal error "can't use function return value in write context"

Version 1.1.7

Apr 26, 2017


  • Improve display of empty archives and search pages
  • Improve display of forms


  • Fix portfolio and blog archive filtering

Version 1.1.6

Apr 25, 2017


  • Improve Keyboard Navigation by allowing users to use ESC key to exit Slideshow View
  • Remove Hamburger Icon on Mobile Devices when no Menus are active
  • Disable Parallax on Mobile Devices
  • Various styling and performance improvements


  • Fix Aspect Ratio for Featured Items on Projects Archives
  • Fix Aspect Ratio option in Customizer
  • Fix Thumbnail Background option in Customizer

Version 1.1.5

Apr 12, 2017


  • Added Footer Menu option
  • Improved Mobile Header functionality


  • Fixed Hero Area not hiding when empty
  • Fixed content links accessibility below a slideshow gallery
  • Fixed project images view on iPad
  • Fixed Share Buttons showing between Slider and Grid
  • Fixed Hero Area Background Color from Editor not matching Color Control

Version 1.1.1

Feb 24, 2017


Various small but important style improvements and bug fixes, just to keep everything running smoothly


  • Fixed the Customizer losing options
  • Fixed an issue regarding the top bar and the header height setting
  • Fixed an issue regarding the Customizer font weight settings
  • Fixed the portfolio archive not accounting the post per page setting
  • Fixed issue with hero slideshow and autoplay setting

Version 1.1.0

Jan 12, 2017


  • Ease the installation and maintenance processes through our new plugin Pixelgrade Care
  • Added support for displaying Related Posts at the end of articles
  • Added keyboard navigation to sliders and galleries
  • Added thumbnail hover functionality to projects
  • Added filter dropdown to every category page


  • Improved demo data packaged with the theme


  • Fixed display of active items inside the main navigation
  • Fixed display for the Share overlay

Version 1.0.0

Dec 09, 2016

This is where it all began.

Version 0.6.3

Nov 28, 2016

Development Version 

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