Osteria Changelog

Version 1.2.1

Oct 04, 2018

We ensured compatibility with WordPress 4.9.8 and added some small fixes: 

  • Fixed sub-items menu on mobile
  • Fixed wrong place for title & category post links with no featured image  on mobile
  • Fixed wrong display of the recent posts with no featured image on mobile
  • Fixed Tripadvisor icon not showing up in Social Menu

Version 1.2.0

Aug 01, 2018

Say hello to Color Palettes! 🎨 

Now it’s super easy to personalize your site through our Customify plugin  (see how it works)

Version 1.1.8

Dec 14, 2017


  • Ensured compatibility with WordPress 4.9


  • There were some issues with the Video in Hero Area not working properly in different circumstances and we fixed that.
  • Also, we fixed an issue with images not showing up in Slideshow Gallery from Jetpack.
  • In Customizer Live Preview, the Blog Archive was not displayed correctly and we fixed that, too.


  • We removed Import Demo Data option from the Customizer since we implemented an easier and powerful way to import demo, via Starter Content. 

Version 1.1.7

Aug 23, 2017


  • Fixed theme folder name.
  • Fixed JavaScript initialisation for one-page setups. (demo)

Version 1.1.6

Aug 18, 2017


  • Small improvements to the auto-update process.


  • Fixed tabs breaking child pages.
  • Removed Parallax scrolling effect on mobile devices to favor performance.
  • Fixed small security issue for SVG uploads.

Version 1.1.5

Jul 07, 2017

We fixed two small bugs so you can have a more enjoyable experience:

  • The Back Button wrong behavior on Blog Category Page
  • The Hero Slider Autoplay option

Version 1.1.4

Jun 26, 2017
  • Ensured compatibility with WordPress 4.8


  • Improved the way that a video is displayed on mobile devices on Hero Area
  • Improved the layout of drop-down category selector from Blog Archive
  • Fixed the issue on Safari with blank page when the back button was used
  • Fixed the issue on Internet Explorer and Edge where images were wrong cropped
  • Fixed the bug when videos didn't have parallax effect on Hero Area
  • Fixed the issue on mobile devices when the Hero Title was displayed in two lines
  • Fixed the issue when the Slider from PixCodes did not render properly

Version 1.1.3

Jun 02, 2017


  • Added Front End Support for Masonry Type Gallery;
  • Load the 404 script only when necessary;


  • Fixed Internet Explorer 11 various styling issues;
  • Fixed galleries not showing up on Safari;


  • Fixed navigation menu on mobile device;
  • Fixed Category Title covered by the Header on Category Archive Page;

Version 1.1.2

May 27, 2017
  • Fixed spacebar issue in contact form's fields.
  • Improved Gridable row delimitator that was too close to editor margin.

Version 1.1.1

Apr 06, 2017
  • Added Subtle Hover Effects for Menu Items and other elements
  • Improved Mobile and Fonts Sizes Responsiveness
  • Improved Blog Posts Titles styling
  • Improved Onboarding Process by enabling Jetpack Modules and Food Menu by default

Version 1.1.0

Mar 31, 2017


  • Added PixCare integration for better onboarding process and Documentation access


  • Improved Gridable Rows and Columns styling options and Added support for one level of nested rows
  • Improved Open Hours plugin
  • Improved Fonts Responsiveness when changing sizes through Typeline system
  • Improved Editor Style to reflect the Front End view better
  • Improved Blog Styling
  • Improved 404 Page Styling


  • Fixed mobile Hero images that do not fill on viewport reorientation
  • Fixed Font Field Weight issues

Version 1.0.0

Feb 15, 2017

This is where it all began! Have fun!

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