Rosa2 Changelog

Version 1.13.1

May 03, 2022

This update fixes a minor issue with the upgrade process.

Version 1.13.0

Aug 23, 2021


Here's a new update coming up to improve your experience with our Rosa2 theme.

Some of the improvements and fixes that come with this update:

  • Added Super Display font control.
  • Fixed active menu item styling.
  • Improved contrast for menu items inside a transparent header, by adding a top gradient on Hero Block.
  • Text formatting options (eg. Italic) were not working simultaneously. We’ve fixed that.
  • Added new spacing options for Group Block.

Rosa2 is now compatible with the latest version of WordPress (5.8) and the latest version of WooCommerce (5.6).

We’re grateful for using our Rosa2 theme. Continue to get the most out of it and if there’s anything we can help you with, please let us know.

Cheers! ?

Version 1.12.4

Jul 19, 2021


We've made some small adjustments to stay on track:

  • Improved the display of the Open Table form button
  • Adjusted the site container width according to the content font size

Stay safe!

Version 1.12.3

Jul 16, 2021


A new day means a fresh update with a lot of improvements and fixes.✨

Some of the improvements and fixes that come with this update:

  • There were some issues with font sizes, both in the frontend and backend. We took care of that.
  • OpenTable was not using Style Manager colors at their full power. We made some changes here, so the block will look better with any layout.
  • Logo Height setting now properly applies on Site Title.
  • We have also made some improvements for mobiles, one of them being the fact that mobile menu overlay will use only one color which will not change when navigating between pages.

Enjoy ?

Version 1.12.2

Jul 14, 2021


Here is another minor update that will improve minor things under the hood, just to be sure that everything is smooth after the latest changes.

Stay awesome ?

Version 1.12.1

Jul 13, 2021


We're doing our best to provide you an experience that's as smooth as possible when using our products. This release takes care of some small things we've missed in the last update.

Stay safe

Version 1.12.0

Jul 12, 2021


We hope you’re enjoying this fantastic and hot summer. ?

We do that too, but in our way — this time, with a new and big update for the Rosa2 theme. ?

We promised big things with this theme, and this update is a milestone on our way there.

The most significant achievement of this update is Style Manager — a new tool that helps you effortlessly customize your site from now. Pixelgrade Care® will automatically install the latest plugin; you don’t have to do anything; it will successfully replace Customify, so you can remove it after updating.

Some of the other new enhancements and features that come with this update:

  • A new and powerful Colors System. You are now able to easily and better set the color scheme for your site to match your brand and vision.
  • New options for List block (Marker Settings and List Items Connection).
  • Improved performance by simplifying media queries detection logic.
  • Fixed the secondary Menu displaying on Safari on mobiles.
  • Fixed the mobile header opacity.
  • Fixed the style of the buttons on the Cart Page.

This is a big milestone in the way of making Rosa2 what we promised. Enjoy it, and stay tuned for more.

Happy Summer! ☀️
– the Pixelgrade crew

Version 1.11.2

Jun 15, 2021


Another day, another update for your favorite Rosa2 theme. ?

Improved the Posts Navigation layout on mobiles.
Improved the Spacing and Font Size on articles.
The last widget added inside the block sidebar is sticky when scrolling.
Minor styling improvements inside the editor.

Fixed the Search Form inside the overlay, and on the 404 page.

The next update will bring other enhancements as well, so stay tuned, you'll be surprised. ?

Cheers! ?

Version 1.11.1

Jun 04, 2021

This a minor update that will fix some spacing issues that appeared after the latest update.

Stay awesome ?

Version 1.11.0

Jun 04, 2021


As promised, this is another big update with new features and many improvements. 


  • Updated the mark-up on articles and pages to use the latest Sidecar Block (make sure you have the latest version of the Nova Blocks plugin). 
  • Added new Sidebar for Articles. From now on, you can show widgets inside your articles. 
  • A new way of showing the Post Meta Data on articles.
  • New option for Layout — Content Inset — allows you to decide how much content is visually inset within the Site Container.


  • Improved styling for some default Gutenberg blocks and Widgets.
  • Extended Header block inside articles with the following features: reading progress bar, share button, current article, next article.
  • Remove the Content Width setting, and rely more on Container Width Setting.

We have big plans for Rosa2, and this is just the beginning. Hang tight, you’ll be amazed. ?

Enjoy! ?

Version 1.10.0

May 25, 2021


We promised to offer the best experience ever, and we are on our way there. Here's a big update with many fixes and improvements. And this is just the beginning. ?


  • Added thumbnail support for all post types.


  • Removed the Badge option for menu items found under the Extras section.
  • Removed transition for Search Overlay on device orientation change.
  • Improved Gallery Block default behavior on mobiles.


  • Fixed Media Card image width on the latest version of Google Chrome.
  • Fixed Dark Mode error on the latest version of Safari.
  • Fixed Mobile Menu transparent background.
  • Fixed Mobile Menu items stacking order on Mozzila Firefox.
  • Fixed Button block alignment on newer versions of WordPress.
  • Fixed Hero Block text overlapping with the Header.

Improved the WooCommerce integration:

  • Reduced clutter on the shop page, by displaying only categories on the main shop page, and subcategories on the category page.
  • Fixed the Additional Info details about products on mobile.
  • Improved Cart icon consistency along with browsers.
  • Improved top spacing for the Terms and Conditions item on the Checkout page.
  • Improved Stripe fields styling.
  • Improved text alignments inside fields on the Cart page.
  • Fixed Grid on WooCommerce Archive on devices with resolution smaller than 1000px.

We are already working on the next big update that will come with a big and nice surprise. 

Hang tight!  ?

Version 1.9.1

Feb 11, 2021


The latest update has come with major improvements for the Header Block, however, if a website was not using the block, the header layout had suffered some changes. Sorry for that.

This update will take care of your header layout, even if you are not using the Header Block.

Stay awesome ?

Version 1.9.0

Feb 10, 2021


This update is all about improvements, most of them for the header.

From now on, you can build complex header layouts with up to three rows and manually select which of them should be sticky.

This update will also introduce a new menu location, called “Tertiary” and this will handle the third menu on your website. You decide if you use it or not.

Rosa2 is compatible with the latest version of WordPress 5.6.1 and WooCommerce 5.0.0.

To enjoy the best experience using Rosa2, we recommend updating Nova Blocks to the latest version.

Keep being awesome,

— Pixelgrade team 

Version 1.8.1

Jan 22, 2021


If you were not using WooCommerce with your site, the latest update was breaking your site. This update will fix the problem.

Have a great weekend,


Version 1.8.0

Jan 22, 2021


We don’t like yearly resolutions. But we’re committed to perfection.  

Here’s a new update with new awesome features and fixes. ?


  • WooCommerce Cart is available as a menu item and you can choose between 3 variations: label, icon and label with icon.


  • WooCommerce Products block was causing overflow on mobiles. Not anymore.
  • When the content inside a Media Card was aligned to right, the button was sticking out. We took care of that.


  • The search overlay can be closed using ESC key.
  • We have darken the gradient used on the first hero block on the page, to make sure that the text on transparent header is visible.
  • The arrow down used for menu items with children has been replaced by an SVG, to be more consistent with the theme.
  • Scrolling Indicators are not visible on mobiles anymore.

Rosa2 is compatible with the latest version of WordPress (5.6) and WooCommerce (4.9.1).

Keep being awesome,

— pixelgrade team. 

Version 1.7.0

Jan 06, 2021


Happy 2021!

A new year means a fresh update with new features and some bug fixes.


  • Sharing buttons - social media is a big thing nowadays, so we have decided to create a custom sharing system in Rosa2 to allow your users to share an article on the most popular platforms.
  • Conversation System - comments should be an important part of every website; this is why we added new features and a fresh design to the comments section.
  • Transparent Header - until now, the Header was transparent only when the first block on a page was a Hero or Slideshow. From now on, the Header will also be transparent when the first block is a Media Card with Block Emphasis set to Highlighted or Moderate. You should try it.


  • Buttons were wrongly aligned in Media Card in the editor. Not anymore.
  • Some inputs were not using the correct background color. We took care of that.
  • Shipping methods were not perfectly aligned on the Checkout page. They are now.

We also made sure that Rosa2 is compatible with the latest version of WordPress (5.6) and WooCommerce (4.8).

Enjoy it ?

Version 1.6.3

Dec 18, 2020
  • Fixed an issue where the cart icon was removed from the site header

Version 1.6.2

Dec 18, 2020


We’re happy to announce a new update that comes with several enhancements and bug fixes.


– Last time, we implemented a great feature — the Dark Mode switcher. This time we added some fine-tuning and made sure it works flawlessly.
– We improved the way that the sticky header works with a One-Page website setup.
– We also improved the way that the Product Search block looks and behaves.

– The Thank You page and Checkout show the default header now, so after placing an order, the site visitor can quickly turn back on the site.

Bug Fixes

– We offer the opportunity to set the header to be sticky or static when scrolling. It works perfectly on the desktop, but it was always set sticky on mobile, even if the static option was enabled. It’s not the case anymore; we fixed it.
– On the Single Product page, if you didn’t add a product description, there used to be a space below the product image. It’s fixed, too. So if you have products without any description, there’s nothing to worry about.
– We made sure the video block works perfectly on any screen size when it’s set to full-width.

We’ve tested this release with WordPress 5.6, so you can upgrade without worrying. We’ll continue to improve, so if you have suggestions, just let us know without thinking twice. ?

Happy Holidays! ?

Version 1.6.1

Nov 20, 2020


After the latest update, you may have seen some issues with font size in your header, sorry for that — this update will fix the issues.

To enjoy the best experience using Rosa2, we recommend updating Nova Blocks to the latest version.

Have a great weekend,


Version 1.6.0

Nov 18, 2020


When we initially launched Rosa2, we promised ourselves to achieve excellence. We may not be there yet, but with this update, we’re closer than we were with the previous one. ?

This update comes with new featuresbug fixes, and improvements that will delight you and make your life easier. 

One of the greatest features added is the Dark Mode switcher. With just a simple click, starting from now, your site visitors will have the opportunity to view your site in Dark Mode. Check it out! ?

Once the number of content items on your site (be it posts, products, or projects) expands, you need a way to browse and find this content, and the best way to do that is through a search system. Now you have the possibility to add a search function directly to your site menu, it’s visible and easy to handle.

We removed the unnecessary core patterns recently introduced by WordPress. They had nothing to do with our theme and, however, we’ll create our own ones, aligned with the theme’s style and way of work. 

There was a bug with the color, both for background and text, not changing for the Group Block in the footer. We fixed that. 

If you have tried to use italic fonts, you might’ve noticed it didn’t work. We recently noticed that and fixed it. 

Due to some recent updates from WooCommerce, there were some issues with adding products to the cart on the Shop page. There’s nothing to worry about, we fixed that, too. 

We hope you’ll enjoy the new features and don’t forget — life is a mystery. Even that can be beautiful.

Stay safe! ?

Version 1.5.0

Oct 06, 2020


When was the last time you did something great but you were afraid that you could’ve done even more? ?

That’s what we did — we’ve found small improvements and applied them right away, packed in this theme update. Most are related to the latest Nova Blocks plugin update, so you will have an even better experience using them together. 

Don’t forget, tough times never last, but tough people do.

Hugs! ?

Version 1.4.1

Sep 16, 2020

Hey, everybody!

We miss the joy and emotions we had at the beginning of each school year. We’re pretty sure that you remember those times, and you miss them too. We can’t bring those moments back, but we can enjoy other things today. That’s why we made some improvements to the Rosa2 theme you’re using. 

  • In the Shop section, a bug occurred when trying to decrease the number of products from the cart. That’s not a problem anymore.
  • The Map block wasn’t getting the accent color set in the Customizer, so we fixed it. 
  • The navigation arrows in the Slideshow block were using a different style in the editor. That’s not an issue anymore. 
  • We added support for italic font style.

Don’t forget to enjoy the small things in life!

Hugs! ?

Version 1.4.0

Sep 03, 2020


The fall is here, and hopefully, it comes with more serenity and kindness. ?

At the same time, we hope everything is running well with your businesses, and your website is up and kicking. 

We worked for a new update that comes with many fixes and improvements that you will appreciate. 

There is an option in the Customizer that allows you to set the Header to be sticky when scrolling, which created confusion. Even if you selected the Header to be sticky, you noticed it didn’t have any effect. It happened because there’s a condition to follow—to prevent your content from being annoyingly hidden behind the Header on smaller screens, the Sticky option will remain active only if the Header height is larger than 20% of the browser window height. We documented that in the Customizer, so there shouldn’t be issues anymore. Yaaay!

On the other hand, when customizing the Live Preview site, the buttons to edit the menus, the logo, or the widgets have lost their regular styling, and we fixed that too. 

If you have used the WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin in the past, you might have noticed an issue when trying to add a Cart product. Forget about that; you can use the plugin if you need it. 

We also made some minor typography refactoring plus caption and description styling for the Nova Blocks plugin. 

We fixed the few compatibility issues with WordPress 5.5, so you can upgrade and get the benefit from the latest WordPress experience. 

Take good care of yourself! ?

Version 1.3.0

Jul 20, 2020


Despite the uncertain circumstances, we hope you are well and enjoy the summer days.

Here is a new update, prepared with care and attention to detail. It comes with bug fixes and enhancements in order to improve your site visitor’s experience. 

Just like the last time, we focused again on the shop section:

  • The Product Gallery Images are looking better now
  • We improved the WooCommerce Notification Styling 
  • The Product Description Text is now correctly formatted
  • The Cart Totals section is looking nice and consistent

The update comes with other fixes as well:

  • If the last element on a page is a Media Cards block or a Cards Collection block with a Block Area Emphasis level, no extra space will be displayed between it and the site footer
  • Opening mailto: and tel: links would cause the page to fade out. Not anymore!
  • Fixed a bug where button text wasn’t visible on Highlighted Content or Block Area
  • The Heading Primary text used to have each letter split in separate divs; we fixed that, too.
  • We improved the Header and Promo Bar Behaviour when scrolling on mobile

Rosa 2 is tested with WordPress 5.4.2 and WooCommerce 4.3.0.

Take good care of yourself!

Version 1.2.0

May 19, 2020


We hope everything is okay on your side of the world. ?

At Pixelgrade, we’re committed to excellence with everything we do.

Rosa 2 makes no exception, so here’s a new update with improvements and enhancements that provide a smooth experience.

Because we are aware of how important is a digital store, most of the fixes are related to this area:

  • The Order Confirmation page looks better now
  • All the strings from WooCommerce can be translated correctly
  • Product image zoom option works flawlessly now
  • Product reviews are looking nice now

Other fixes:

  • Improved forms styling and accessibility
  • Open Table form style improvements
  • Images and text are displayed now side-by-side, just like it should.

Rosa 2 is tested with WordPress 5.4.1 and WooCommerce 4.1.0

Enjoy it, and take good care of yourself!?

Version 1.1.0

Apr 29, 2020

Hello there!

We’ve added a couple of new things to expand your tools of trade.

  • Added a new set of Font Palettes in the Style Manager section of the Customizer
  • Enhanced the Media Card Constellation block with controls for the image gallery to help you build creative layouts
  • Added a new block called Gallery of the Stars to allow you to make use of our new way of creating interesting gallery layouts outside the Media Card block
  • Added the new Open Hours block that allows you to easily display your business's schedule or current status

Now put that to good use and don’t forget: stay safe! ?

Version 1.0.6

Apr 14, 2020


We're constantly working on improving your experience — here are some changes we've made with this update.

  • Added support and tailored styling for the Cards Collection block from our Nova Blocks plugin
  • Improved display and spacing for the Media Card block from Nova Blocks and the Buttons block from Gutenberg
  • We've removed Gutenberg from the list of required plugin since the features we were relying on landed in WordPress 5.4 
  • Fixed display of the WeGlot language menu in the site header
  • Fixed scaling for hero images on MS Edge browser

Stay safe! ?

Version 1.0.5

Jan 22, 2020

Happy 2020!

We've just started the new year with some great news for you — here's a new update with enhancements and many bug fixes for your favourite theme. Enjoy it!


  • Gutenberg recently added support for group buttons, so we did the same for our theme. You can now get more buttons inline
  • Improved accessibility by taking into consideration the user's prefers-reduced-motion setting and disabling animations


  • The Scroll and Position indicators were not visible In the backend on Hero Block
  • Sometimes, changes made in the Customizer were not visible at preview. You had to save the changes and check the live site, to see them. We fixed this, too. 
  • Fixed animations timing for Headline blocks inside the Hero block and also some visual issues, both occurring only on Edge browser.
  • Using WooCommerce, the coupon was not applying on Checkout, only on Cart. 
  • There was a problem when changing the quantity on Cart, which is fixed now, too. 

We wish you a tremendous and effervescent new year! 
Cheers!  ?

Version 1.0.4

Dec 04, 2019


Quality is not an act, it is a habit, they say. ?

We always aim for the best, so here we come with a new update for our lovely Rosa 2 theme, including different fixes and improvements. 



  • Now you can decide the size of the logo on mobile view — there is a dedicated option for that in the Customizer
  • Initially, we prepared the theme to properly adjust the size for the logo if it was SVG format. Now everything’s fine if it’s JPEG/PNG, too. 
  • The reservation form is correctly styled now on mobile.


  • The Map was displayed incorrectly on the Contact Page when using the Map Block. It’s fixed now. 
  • There was a problem with the Hero Block not working with Gutenberg 7.0. We fixed that, everything works fine again. 
  • Image alignment inside a post didn’t work. Now you can align the image as you want – Center, Left, Right, Full-Width or Wide-Width. 
  • If the URL used to contain the string “wordpress”, the social icons from the header were replaced with the WordPress icon. That’s fixed now. 

Rosa 2 is compatible with WooCommerce 3.8.0 and the latest WordPress v 5.3

Enjoy! ?

Version 1.0.3

Oct 25, 2019

Bugfixing and perfomance improvements

Version 1.0.2

Oct 14, 2019

We’ve made a few adjustments to level up your experience:

  • Added support for social links in header
  • Added animations for comments area on blog posts
  • Added transitions and decreased header height when page is scrolled
  • Improved hero animations and site-wide performance
  • Improved scroll performance on mobile devices

Version 1.0.1

Oct 02, 2019


When it’s not right, you have no choice but to make it so. That we did:

  • WooCommerce integration improvements and fixes
  • Quick fix for parallax on Safari 13 (iOS 13)
  • Styling improvements, mostly on mobile devices
  • WP Forms styling enhancements.

May you be inspired ?‍♀️ We take care of the rest ?

Version 1.0.0

Oct 01, 2019

Every great experience starts with a first step. 

Take the first step to your awesome site ?

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