Vasco Changelog

Version 1.3.2

Aug 21, 2018

A brand new way of changing the colors of your WordPress site has landed in Customify. We made a few tweaks to make your experience better.

Version 1.3.1

Jun 27, 2018

Vasco is now fully compatible with WordPress 4.9.6. We’ve made it ready for GDPR too, so there’s nothing to worry about. Also, we added support for Social Warfare plugin — a great tool to add social share icons. Check it out now!

Some other important things:

  • Added compatibility with the new Social Widget from Jetpack;
  • Fixed the mobile menu delay.

Version 1.3.0

May 07, 2018

If you thought we were already on vacation at the beach somewhere on an island, you were wrong. 😄 All this time we have worked hard on an important update for our theme Vasco, and here we are. 

We added Collor Palettes. 🎨 Now it’s super easy to personalize your site through our Customify plugin (see how it works)

Also, we added Footer Featured Area, now you have multiple options to display widgets on footer area of your website. 

Other small but important fixes on mobile devices, especially iOS:

  • Featured Image and Stamp widgets are looking better now on Single Post;
  • The search icon is now properly clickable on mobile;
  • The links from Feature Cards widget are now perfectly accessible;
  • The header was wrongly displayed when resizing the browser;
  • Menu items are correctly shown now on mobile, too.

Enjoy it! 🤗

Version 1.2.0

Apr 04, 2018

Hello there, Sidebar! ✨

Added support for Sidebar widget area to give you more space to showcase your latest findings and adventures.

Also took care of some performance issues regarding image usage, so now everything is faster, better, stronger. 💪

Enjoy and have a great time!

Version 1.1.0

Mar 02, 2018

The little things make big things happen. 🦄

We polished some small but important details, so you can have an even greater experience using Vasco. 

Enjoy the ride and stay awesome! 

Version 1.0.1

Feb 22, 2018

Better makes the world go around!

Version 1.0.0

Feb 14, 2018

This is where it all begins!

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